Solving the Dust Problem

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The superior dust suppression system.

The BCS Rainmaker provides superior dust and particulate abatement on demolition projects of all sizes and complexity. The attachment is designed and built in-house and allows for impressive dust control to protect air quality and reduce overall public impact.

The Rainmaker is hydraulically powered by an excavator and is attached directly to the main boom. The versatility of the excavator base unit allows for optimal positioning and maximum effectiveness while producing a directional rain-like condition projected at a horizontal distance of up to 300’ and a height of over 200’.


diameter turbine


injection nozzles


wind velocity


flow rate

Developed to minimize risk

The main factor in designing the Rainmaker was to remove the “warm body” from the proximity of demolition hazards. The Rainmaker resulted in not only safer working conditions for personnel, but maximized dust suppression efficiency and capability that is unmatched in the industry, noted as “the premier dust suppression system” by air pollution control officials in multiple counties and states in the southwest.

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