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5130B UHD

Demolition Giant

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The largest demolition excavator in the world.

Based on a Cat 5130B mining excavator, this heavily modified machine is believed to be the heaviest demolition excavator in the world. Weighing in at over 400 tons, the 5130B UHD can hold a 25 ton Genesis GXP 2500R scrap shear at a height of 150’.

Designed by Rusch Special Products in the Netherlands as the Rusch Triple 34-25, the machine was purpose-built to dismantle oil rigs on the Norwegian coast. Rusch engineered a triple boom configuration with custom hydraulic cylinders, a boom adapter, extended the tracks by 8’, widened the track frame and added a 40-degree hydraulic cab tilt. Looking to increase safety and efficiency on large demolition projects, BCS acquired the modified 5130b because of its unmatched capabilities and has since engineered and implemented  improvements to help streamline mobilization, increase its vertical reach and maximize operational stability.

Unmatched Capability.

No other demolition track excavator across the globe has similar capabilities to this machine. Paired with the Genesis GXP2500R scrap shear, the 5130B UHD can easily cut through 46” I-beams at heights exceeding 150’. The machine is powerful and stable enough to grab and move large structural members allowing them to be lowered in a safe and strategic location. This ability dramatically increases demolition productivity and safety.

A new standard in safety.

The 5130b UHD’s operator sits at a height of 17’ from the ground behind a steel guard and bulletproof glass at a safe distance from the structure that is being demolished. The machine can methodically demolish structures from the top down without placing the operator in the proximity of falling debris. A custom 4K 7-point camera system provides a clear 360-degree view allowing real-time monitoring of the machines surrounding area. The cameras are accessed from the cab and remotely.

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