The Cat 395 Hydraulic Thumb

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Strength, performance and reliability

The powerful Next Gen Cat 395 Excavator paired with a BCS hydraulic thumb creates the perfect machine for large demolition projects. The added control from the thumb allows for optimal material handling. The operator not only the ability to handle large amounts of demolition debris between the thumb and bucket, but can also grab and precisely manage materials between the tip of the thumb and flat blade on the bucket.

Just right

The first-in-class BCS 395 thumb stands out not only because of its size, but its impressive features. Finding the perfect balance between a full working range and the ability to move out of the way required careful design of the thumb and its linkage. The resulting design of the thumb body provides adequate ear clearance for various bucket types with a unique side link and H-link made to work around the 395 stick and quick coupler.

Full radius &
low profile

The thumb follows beyond the full range of motion of the bucket giving the ability to precisely grab and securely hold during rotation, accurately placing materials where intended. The unique design of the progressive linkage allows for over 180 degrees of motion of the thumb and tucks away close to the stick when not in use. With the thumb in its folded position, the operator can work without any obstruction around the bucket.

High strength

As a demolition contractor, we are aware of the unique requirements of demolition attachments and design parts that are made to withstand the amount of wear and tear required. Utilizing AR400 steel plate, 4140 Chromoly Steel pins and robust design ensure reliability and continuous performance in even the toughest of environments.

Designed and manufactured in house.

BCS has built and refined tools and technologies for the highly specialized field of demolition for over 60 years. Our attachments are made to the highest standards of quality, built to be strong, long lasting, and dependable.

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